Hugh Hefner’s widow says Playboy Mansion was a ‘prison’ as she recalls dark side

It is sometimes said that the Playboy Mansion has a dark underbelly that is a far cry from its flawless perception on the outside.

And former Playboy bunny and widow to Hugh Henfer, Crystal Hefner, has added fuel to those dark rumours.

Crystal took to Instagram to tell her three million followers that the iconic property in Los Angeles held some painful secrets.

She hinted that she was pressured to get breast implants and wear fake tan and she also said husband Hef was not always so nice to her.

The 34-year-old model, who inherited Hugh’s millions, shared a photo from 2016 of her posing outside the mansion.

And she wrote: “I like this photo. It was toward the end when I started saying no to things that weren't me.

“Hair got more natural, implants came out. No more fake tan or life. I was still sick physically and metnally, but on the road to recovery.

“I’m always torn when I talk about the Playboy Mansion because in a lot of ways it was a sanctuary to me, but in other ways, it was my prison.”

Crystal, who lost her husband in 2017 after he died aged 91, then implied that her marriage with the Playboy businessman was far from perfect.

She wrote: “The same with Hef. He was good to me in many ways, but in other ways he wasn’t. I’m still healing from certain experiences.

“It feels very contradictory at times to reflect back. I really want to start opening up and being honest with you guys about it all.”

The bombshell post received a huge response, with one person commenting: “It’s ok to hold multiple emotions around certain people and experiences. Here for you.”

Another wrote “love your honesty” while one fan said: “I’d love to hear all about it.”

Crystal had been hitched to Hugh for five years after they married in 2012.

At the time she was often accused of being a “gold-digger” and not actually loving her new husband who was 60 years her senior.

She once told The Sun: “I suffered attacks on my relationship with him, on my looks, on my intelligence.

"I was afraid to do interviews because as soon as I'd sit down they would attack me. Because of the age difference the first thing they would ask is 'How is your sex life?'”

She received a sizable payout when he died and she also inherited his Hollywood Hills home, which she has since sold.

Hef – who married three times with Crystal being his last wife – founded the American lifestyle and entertainment magazine for men in 1953.

And Crystal is not the only woman to reveal a dark side of the Playboy Mansion.

The Gothic-Tudor property, which was built back in 1927, has countless rooms for entertaining, a wine cellar and grand swimming pool. It was also home to Hef for 43 years before his death.

But earlier this year Hefner’s former girlfriend Holly Madison spoke out against disturbing orgies and ‘cultish’ rules that took place there.

She told the Call Her Daddy podcast: “His (Hefner’s) room used to be like a hell-hole with stacks and stacks of video tapes”.

And she later added: “After being there for a couple of years, I realised I’d developed a stammer when I tried to speak.

“My brain felt slower and I struggled to think of certain things.

“I think it was part of being nervous, doubting myself and being in an environment where I was always drinking and my mind wasn’t being stimulated.

“You’re only valued for your looks and expected to party all the time.”

Ex-wife Crystal meanwhile now describes herself as a model turned traveler and entrepreneur.

She is currently dating a new man named Ryan Blake Malaty.

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