House fires in Aurora leave five residents, multiple pets displaced

Two separate overnight house fires in Aurora left five residents and multiple pets displaced early Tuesday.

Fire officials used the opportunity to warn that the risk of fires spreading from home to home in areas where units are built close together is higher during red flag fire danger days.

Early Tuesday morning, Aurora Fire Rescue crews rolled to a house fire in the 500 block of North Galena Street, found flames at the back of the house, and called for extra help. Two residents and two pets were rescued. No injuries were reported, fire officials said in a news release.

Late Monday night, Aurora fire crews went to a fire with flames burning at the back of a single-family house in the 1100 block of North Newark Street. They too called for additional units upon arrival.

No injuries were reported, but two men, a woman, and three dogs were displaced, according to a separate news release.

Aurora Fire officials also issued a warning that dense-packed housing leads to increased fire risks, especially when conditions are dry and windy. “The spread of fire from one building to another is very possible, in particular as we get into more red flag days like those we’ve experienced in the last few weeks,” fire officials said.

Aurora residents should “notify emergency services early and evacuate if there is a chance you may be in the path of the fire.”

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