Horror fire kills at least six at Russian arms factory after explosion – Burning alive

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On July 30, staff members “were not supposed to be” in the top secret weapon-making factory in Kamensk-Shakhtinsky, Rostov region. “Some [people] were not supposed to be there,” a source told BAZA media.

“The company cut staff.

“There were inexperienced staff who were forced to do jobs they had not previously undertaken.

“This influenced the incident.”

All staff suffered “horrific burns” and the only survivor is critically wounded in hospital.

The factory is thought to be involved with the manufacture of multiple launch rocket systems as well as weapons.

The production of chemical products are also presumed to take place in the factory, some of which are for the Russian Ministry of Defence.

Sources have said that the workers were “burning alive” during the horrific incident.

One worker was found dead on Friday but five more have been reported to have died from the explosion which gave them 100 percent burns, officials have reported.

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“When the fire began, people ran out, pulling their clothes off because they were burning alive,” a source told Tsargrad Rostov.

The staff were on duty because of reported staff shortages that caused inexperienced workers fronting the manufacturing in a “violation” of safety rules.

Officials have claimed that there was no chemical leak into the atmosphere following the blast.

However, little information has been revealed about the mysterious explosion.

An investigation into the blast has been launched and will be spearheaded by Dmitry Kapranov, director of the Department of the Industry of Conventional Arms.

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