Horrified woman spots huge huntsman spider ‘getting steamy’ in her shower

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A terrified woman spotted a huge huntsman spider chilling out in her shower.

The fearsome-looking eight-legged beast was discovered by frightened Cathy Cox in Perth, Australia, and she posted a picture online asking for advice about what to do.

She wrote on a spider identification page: "I have what I believe to be a beautiful huntsman in my shower. She is out of harm's way but should I relocate her?

"FYI (for your information) heart racing at the thought of the latter."

One person responded: "I would suggest to her to move somewhere more cosy.

"I cannot imagine more horrifying things than her getting a little steamy, losing her footing and dropping onto your shoulder in the shower."

While huntsman spiders have been known to bite humans in the past they are not generally considered a threat to humans.

Their venom is not considered deadly for humans.

They are incredibly common in Australia and at their biggest, their leg span can reach between 10 and 12 inches.

Other internet users offered their advice to Cathy about how to solve her spider problem, with some more serious than others.

One joked: "It looks like it's the size of a basketball, I would not touch. They have claimed your shower.

"You can use the hose to wash now."

Another quipped: "Why does it look like it could turn on the shower itself."

One more responded: "I really appreciate that you said she’s about 4 1/2 cm body length, but I was wondering if you could kindly put a tape measure around her belly to measure that too for our edification?"

Cathy replied: "Sure no problem. I’d rather stick pins in my eyes."

While the spiders are not considered a threat to humans, experts advise handling them directly to avoid being bitten by their large fangs.

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