Horrified dad only found out daughter had starved to death from a Facebook post

A horrified dad only found out his daughter had been starved to death after seeing a post on Facebook.

Debbie Leitch, 24, who had Down's syndrome, was found "severely emaciated, neglected and covered in scabs" by ambulance staff when they were called to her mum's house in Blackpool.

Her Mum, Elaine Clarke, 49, now faces years in jail after pleading guilty to manslaughter by gross negligence.

Debbie's Dad, Thomas Leitch, who lives in Hastings, split from the cruel Mum when their daughter was just five.

He said social services ruled Debbie should live with Clarke as was usually the case back then, but for years he had fought to spend time with his daughter.

He said his daughter had often begged to move in with him but her wishes had been blocked and he horrifyingly only found out about her death when a family friend put up a post on Facebook.

And even after she had died, he said he had not been allowed to give Debbie a decent burial with Elaine choosing instead to put most of her ashes in a pauper's grave.

He told the Sun: "I managed to get half of her ashes and I buried her in a local church, right next to my dad. At least I was able to do that for her."

"If all these organisations were doing a proper job, why is she not here now?"

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"Every time she saw me her face lit up. All I can do now is try to remember the good times, but the good times have been marred forever by what happened."

Police found Debbie's body on August 29, 2019, after being called by the ambulance service.

Six people were initially arrested in connection with her death.

Clarke had previously pleaded not guilty to gross negligent manslaughter but changed her plea just ten days before she was due to go on trial.

The evil mum will now be sentenced on February 7.

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