Heroic Ukrainian boy, 14, killed after trying to warn locals of Russian strike

A 14-year-old schoolboy has been hailed as a hero after telling elderly neighbours about an incoming Russian air strike in Ukraine.

Viacheslav Yalyshev, who lives in the port city of Odesa, was notified via an app, warning him of an imminent strike.

And rather than saving himself, he ran around his local area making sure that those who needed help were able to get to safety in time as many elderly residents in the area do not have smart phones.

His dad, Yevhen, who is apart of the Ukrainian air force, said on social media: “You are my hero, you are the hero of Ukraine.”
Sadly, the young lad was killed when two rockets hit a building nearby as well as a church roof.

It is believed that he was hit by falling debris on Monday.

Odesa mayor Gennady Trukhanov slammed the death of the boy and the actions of Russia as “another blow”.

He added: “There will never be forgiveness for those who shed the blood of innocent people, especially children.”

And one resident told local news: “He was a very good, kind, and sympathetic boy.

“Very capable, sincere. I just have no words.

“He studied diligently and often did his homework in his basement when there were bombings.”

The boy's sister and grandparents were also reportedly injured by Russian bombing, too.

The sad news comes less than a few weeks after a Ukrainian mum and her three-month-old daughter were senselessly killed when Russia launched an air strike on Odesa.

Valerie [Valeriya] Glodan, and her infant daughter, Kira, were among the eight people killed after cruise missiles were dropped on to an apartment block in the southern Ukrainian port city, with Putin's approval.

As Ukraine's civilian death toll continues to climb well into the thousands, once again people across the world have expressed horror and sadness at the pointless loss of life, with tributes pouring into social media for Valerie and Kira.

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"The vibrancy in Valeriya’s eyes in this photo just breaks my heart. And that poor baby," wrote one Reddit user, while another commented: "The eyes of the baby. The way she is looking at the camera. So much innocence. It’s so heartbreaking."

Another user posted: "What a terrible tragedy. It hurts, to look at that beautiful young woman and her young innocent child, realising what has happened to them."

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