Heartbreaking CCTV shows toddler calling out to camera for parents to return

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A toddler was filmed calling out to her parents on a home security camera in a tearjerking clip.

Mr Chang, 35, and his wife left their one-year-old daughter with her gran at home in the Chinese city of Anqing when they had to travel five hours to work in another city near Shanghai.

In a doorbell clip recorded on December 17 2020, Mr Chang found his daughter standing by the front door and calling their names.

The girl can be heard mumbling before letting out words like "Papa! Mama!"

She stays by the door and looks up at the camera as if waiting for her parents to respond.

Mr Chang told local media that he used to check on his daughter through the doorbell camera and would call out to her.

He said: "I guess she must have mistaken the camera as mum and dad. I felt very helpless whenever I see this.

"Both me and my wife are working in Wuxi city and we don't often go home due to the long travel distance."

The dad said they did not get to see their daughter much as she napped at lunch time and slept early at night.

"She is talking to herself sometimes," he added. "But I understand that she is calling us to return home.

"We are hoping to go home early this year, maybe in about a month's time, during Chinese New year."

The clip left viewers in tears as some urged the parents to return home as soon as possible.

One wrote: "Please spend more time with your child. This is too heartbreaking."

Another added: "The child needs their parents in their childhood, don't leave them with grandparents."

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