‘Healthy’ chef dead after being told he was ‘too young’ to die from coronavirus

A "very healthy" chef living in London has died from coronavirus after being told he was too young to die and had nothing to worry about.

Luca Di Nicola, 19, died in London on Tuesday evening from apparent fulminant pneumonia.

The assistant chef, originally from Nereto in eastern Italy, was working at a family restaurant in Enfield, north London, with his mother Clarissa and her boyfriend Vincenzo.

His heartbroken family have said they suspect he had coronavirus as they struggle to come to terms with the death.

Luca's aunt, Giada, told Italian publication La Repubblica: "For a week before his death Luca had a fever and a cough and my sister-in-law Clarissa and her partner Vincenzo who lived in the same house also had it."

She said a doctor in London gave her nephew some paracetamol.

"But Luca got worse on March 23. The doctor visited him at home and told him that he was young, strong and that he didn't have to worry about that bad flu."

Luca's condition worsened and he started having chest pains when his mother noticed his lips turned purple before he collapsed.

His mother and her partner called an ambulance and paramedics revived him, but his lungs were full of blood and water and collapsed.

He was immediately rushed to the intensive care unit at London's North Middlesex Hospital but died around half an hour later at 7pm.

Luca's aunt Romina, who lives in Glasgow, says a post-mortem is taking place to test whether he had coronavirus.

"We don't know anything, not even where they will move his body," she said.

There are fears his mother and her boyfriend – who worked at the same restaurant – also have coronavirus, as they have shown the same symptoms.

After Luca died, doctors told the pair they must self-isolate for two weeks.

They haven't been tested but were given paracetamol, according to Italian media.

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