He will never stop! Putins top targets if Ukraine conquered exposed We need D-Day!

Ukraine: Putin compared to Hitler by Goncharenko

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Ukrainian MP Oleksii Goncharenko compared Vladimir Putin to Adolf Hitler and revealed his next likely targets if he takes over Ukraine. Mr Goncharenko said places like Estonia, Poland and several other countries would come under threat by the Russian dictator before ramping up the WW2 rhetoric during his Sky News interview. The politician passionately called for a “landing at Normandy” moment to “stop a bigger war” as Mr Putin’s next steps were analysed.

Speaking on Sky News, Mr Goncharenko discussed the latest in Ukraine with presenter Mark Austin wondering whether the West could fan the flames of a bigger war.

Mr Austin wanted to know whether the no-fly zone enforced by NATO could “lead to a much broader war”.

Mr Goncharenko replied: “I can tell you that the fear should be that if Putin would not be stopped here, there will be a much broader war.

“He will go forwards, he will go further, he will go to Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Georgia.

“It’s a Hitler, he will never stop, no Munich, because [Munich Agreement 1938], that’s what he is looking for.

“I already see that will not happen, we need D-Day, we need landing in Normandy, we need something like this to stop a bigger war.”


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