He used to kiss my a**! Donald Trump slams Mark Zuckerberg in brutal Facebook takedown

Donald Trump slams Mark Zuckerberg

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In a scathing attack of the social media mogul during an interview with Fox News, Donald Trump hammered Mr Zuckerberg for his behaviour in person as opposed to how he treated him in the public sphere as he sues Mr Zuckerberg and Facebook, along with Twitter and Google and their CEOs with a class-action lawsuit over alleged censorship.

Speaking to Fox News host Greg Gutfield, Mr Trump hammered social media companies for their treatment of him after he was banned from Twitter and had his online presence was stripped from him.

He slammed: “We are suing Twitter, Facebook, Google – we are suing them all!

“A class-action suit, anyone that wants to join, please join – feel free!

“I think it’s a great law suit!”

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But in a vitriolic attack he slammed how “these people are sick” before launching a furious tirade at Mr Zuckerberg.

Trump claimed: “You know Zuckerberg used to come to the White House to kiss my a**!

“Oh that’s nice, I have the head of Facebook coming with his lovely wife and they come and have dinner with me in the White House!”

But he claimed how despite the supposed pleasantries over dinner, Mr Zuckerberg would U-turn in his behaviour towards Trump and Republicans.

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He added: “And then you see what they do about me and Republicans and it is sort of crazy but that is the way the world works.”

Mr Trump went on to take aim at Twitter following his ban from the social media platform after inciting the deadly riots which saw thousands of Trump protesters storm the United States Capitol in Washington DC after being encouraged by Mr Trump to march in protest at the government.

He said how despite “a lot of people” thinking Twitter was bad for him, he disagreed.

The former president said: “Twitter has become a very boring place. I don’t want to be bragging or anything but people are saying it has become very boring.


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He claimed: “When I went on to Twitter 12 years ago, Twitter was a failed operation…

“And it became successful and a lot of people said I had a lot to do with it!”

The lawsuit has been criticised by legal experts who have accused Mr Trump of issuing lawsuits for media attention but not defending the claims in court.

His argument of free speech infringement has also been questioned by experts, as the companies he is suing have the same First Amendment protections in determining content on their sites.

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