Harry ‘prepared to use Diana’s funeral to further his profile’, says expert

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A Royal expert has claimed the Duke of Sussex is prepared to use his mother’s funeral to further his personal profile on the global stage.

Just days ago, Prince Harry compared his life to Jim Carrey's film The Truman Show in a new podcast, liking his life to being an animal stuck in a zoo.

However, royal experts were quick to slam his claims as Camilla Tominey who "questioned the timing" of them, and shared her confusion about him and Meghan "making so much noise", despite their desire to have privacy.

Now, another royal expert has thrown their hat in the ring as Mirror's Russell Myers claims it came as no surprise Harry wanted to leave the royal family as he'd wanted to since his mum's death.

Speaking of Harry's suffering in the firm, Russell wrote: "The seering image of Prince Harry, pain etched across his youthful face as he walked behind his mother’s coffin, is long ingrained in the memory.

"His tortured relationship with the role he was born into, from the bemused little boy who attended his first day at school in front of the press, to the lovable rogue who was happy to muck about for the cameras, has seen him face many struggles throughout the years.

"To many, it came as no surprise that he wanted out from The Firm.

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"He’d long spoken to trusted friends about how he dreamed of walking away, perhaps not quite in the manner in which he eventually did so which continues to cause so much anguish for his family."

But he also claims that now the Prince's actions are becoming more contradictory.

He also adds that Harry should be entitled to use his experiences to further his mental health project.

"Perhaps, some may argue, he is quite entitled to use his experiences to further his mental health crusade, as well as his newfound profession as a film producer – Netflix have paid him a £100million for the privilege after all," Russell added.

"But purely examining his willingness to use his opening line to Oprah on the damage caused by derogatory mental health terms, while in the same breath this week labelling his adopted country’s First Amendment, the right to free speech, as “bonkers”, Harry may find the path to righteousness can be a bumpy one."

The Daily Star has contacted representatives of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for a response.

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