Harry has hinted memoir will include fresh attacks on royals, expert believes

Prince Harry has given a “hint” at what will be included in his tell-all memoir, a royal watcher has claimed.

The Duke of Sussex shocked royal fans with the news that he is writing an autobiography, due for release next year, with speculation already rife about what he could talk about.

Harry has been critical of his family in interviews that he has given to American media since moving to the United States last year, and Gwen Flamberg, of US Weekly, believes there is more to come.

She says the “hint” is the words he used to describe the memoir. In a statement about the book, which will be published by Penguin Random House, Harry said he was writing it “not as the prince I was born but as the man I have become”.

Gwen told the US Weekly podcast: “I really think especially because he has framed this as ‘not the prince I was born as but the man I have become’ it is a hint that there is going to be a lot of negative stuff kind of spewed in this book.

“What I want to hear in his own words is about his childhood with Princess Diana when she was alive. Truly hear in his own words which we have never really heard in detail or with emotion how he felt about her death at the time of her death when he was a boy and that shaped him.

“But the man he has become is largely down to the woman that he married and I’m really afraid that there is going to be a lot of trashing going on here, and you know, don’t do this to your grandmother, come on be cool … but I don’t think that is going to happen.”

Another royal pundit, Sarah Hearon, told US weekly that it is Charles she feels that could take most of the criticism in the memoir.

She said: "It is definitely just going to make things worse for everyone in the family and also his (Harry's) likeability among the British people which continues to go down

"But I think the person who needs to watch out is Charles because in a lot of the interviews Harry has done solo without Meghan … it is a lot about Charles not wanting to fix mistakes that he experienced and how Harry now is going to change his parenting style based on his dad being a bad dad basically.”

Reports have emerged since the memoir announcement that the likes of Prince William and Charles are “nervous” about what Harry will speak about in his new book.

A source told US Weekly: “The Royal Family is shaken up about the book.”

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