Google Maps user baffled after spotting ‘Batman’ running down the street

An eagle-eyed Google Maps user spotted Batman running around the streets of France looking ready for action on the Street View camera.

The Dark Knight was spotted in broad daylight, legging it down Boulevard Henri Harpignies in Valenciennes, a Frech city located near the country's border with Belgium.

The masked vigilante was posted to TikTok via @googlemapsfun where fans were left in hysterics over the sight of one of their favourite comic book heroes.

The man dressed as the famous defender of Gotham was in a costume with a mask and cape but also appeared to be wearing a heavy-looking vest with weapons strapped to his back.

On the video that received 20k likes in the first 48 hours of it being posted, many people were quick to comment saying 'OMG Batman!' but others had more creative responses in mind.

The snapshots on TikTok left one user commenting: "My whole childhood was a lie. He's real. Can't wait to show my friend."

"What if what you see on Google Maps is real and then you just see Batman," one user speculated.

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Another commenter joked: "Batman really wants to get out there so he decided to chase down the Google Maps van."

However, Batman isn't the only crazy sight captured on StreetView in Europe.

One viewer spotted a child trapped in a park bin on a sunny day in Parc de Valency, Lausanne, Switzerland.

There appears to be a blurred head of a boy poking out from the opening of the rounded green-topped bin.

It isn't known how or why he climbed in there – or how long it took him to get back out but it sure made a hilarious shot for the camera.

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