Ghost picnics in haunted London Tube station leave commuters baffled

Commuters have been baffled after a mystery traveller repeatedly left tasty treats at a London Tube station.

The anonymous food fiend has been leaving snacks on the benches of Kennington Underground station for several months now and has yet to be identified or caught in the act, although many people have spotted the nibbles, reported.

Twitter user Courtney Pochin, who recently snapped a picture of the snacks, said: "It’s either a very kind gesture for those struggling amid #costoflivingcrisis or the tube is haunted and it’s a ghost picnic."

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Courtney shared two pictures of two separate snack bundles, the first comprised of two sandwiches, six crepe snacks, three small bottles of apple juice and three cupcakes.

The second, meanwhile, was made up predominantly of yoghurt-based products including three bottles of Actimel and three Frubes alongside three Bear Yoyos packets.

Courtney told Metro: "I don’t know who left it or why, it was just laid out in such a specific way it caught my attention.

"There’s no note or anything with it to say why it was there."

Others retweeted the images and chimed in to say they had also spotted the snacks on their own travels.

However, some expressed their concerns over just how hygienic the mystery snacks really were after sitting in a dirty Tube station, often without packaging, for an uncertain length of time.

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One user noted how three chocolate cupcakes had been left at the station without packaging, touching the infamously grimy surfaces of the station and exposed to the unclean air.

Another user remarked how she'd spotted one smorgasbord at the same spot "a couple of months ago", which featured four bottles of Robinson's raspberry and apple juice, a box of orange Matchmakers, and four large sausage rolls – which, without any packaging to protect them, were making "direct contact" with the bench.

Courtney said her snaps were taken at the same Northern Line station on two separate occasions, the first on January 7 and the second on January 24.

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