Ghost of Green Lady spirit captured on film at historic pub

A team of paranormal investigators claim to have snapped a picture of a "smiling" Green Lady ghost haunting what is said to be the oldest pub in Glasgow, Scotland.

The Scotia, on Stockwell Street, was established in 1792, and has a reputation for being haunted by a spirit who was once a barmaid, and wears a green velvet dress while wandering around the establishment.

The apparition has now apparently been caught on camera by spirit hunters Anthony Douglas, 61, Richard Morrison, 43, and Ronan O Grady, 50, from Paranormal Supernatural Investigations Ireland.

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Co-founder Anthony was in Glasgow on March 5 when he had an "overwhelming urge" to go in and sit down, immediately taking pictures and discovering that the Green Lady "made herself known to him".

Richard said: "On this preliminary investigation, after taking a few pictures, we captured an unbelievable shot in a green hue which seemingly shows a woman smiling as if to say 'Here I am'."

He added: "After viewing the image directly after it was captured, the proprietor was flabbergasted and exclaimed that in all her years there had never seen an image like it.

"'Wow', she said and showed it to another member of staff," adding: "Both were aghast at the female resemblance in the image.

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"We plan to travel back to The Scotia bar to carry out a full investigation to see if we can support the paranormal claims that have been made about here."

The Green Lady is not the only spirit said to haunt the pub, which has allegedly has had more than its fair share of ghosts that have been spotted by staff and customers.

One includes a former manager who hanged himself in the cellar for undetermined reasons, and a prostitute named Annie who was "contacted" by a local ghosthunter group in 2007.


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