German virologist warns of coronavirus testing carnage globally due to key flaw

Coronavirus has struck countries across the globe and brought many nations to their knees economically. The World Health Organization (WHO) has demanded that nations fighting the virus must increase their testing immediately. However, German virologist Martin Stuermer has warned mass testing could lead to a global shortage and further turmoil in countries.  

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While on Sky News, Mr Stuermer noted Germany was lucky it had multiple suppliers for testing kits and many labs within the country testing against the virus.

The UK’s 5,000- 8,000 tests a day has resulted in strong criticism of the Government as comparisons are made to other nations like Germany and South Korea.

Sky News’ Mark Austin said: “The UK Government has said it hasn’t been able to test due to shortage in some of the kits.

“The chemical agents, the reagents I believe they are called, do you think that could be right?

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Mr Stuermer replied: “There is a problem is if all countries increase the testing in the way that Germany plans to.

“We might end up with a worldwide shortage of supplies.

“It is an advantage in Germany that we do not stick to one supplier.

“We have many suppliers offering test right now.

“We try to not only use one system but we have at least two systems to test to avoid the shortage.”

The Sky News host questioned how Germany had been so successful with testing during the coronavirus crisis.

Mr Stuermer answered: “I think the strategy in Germany from the beginning was to use central apps and test in many labs.

“Maybe we were lucky at the beginning.


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“I do know that some labs have already run into shortages however, it is not really plannable.

“I think the worldwide situation even more difficult if you have an international supplier.

“This is because they would have to deliver their tools to all countries.”

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