German shepherd pup growing into massive ears sends TikTok users wild

TikTok users have been overwhelmed by a beautiful German Shepherd pup growing into her adorable ears.

A video of the little dog's rapid transformation has been melting hearts on the video sharing app.

The dog, called Nova, is a cross between a German shepherd and a border collie, and boasts a stunning black and white patchy coat.

The footage begins with the unique looking pup sporting tiny, floppy ears, the Mirror reports.

But this is gradually transformed as the dog grows and the signature big German Shepherd ears begin to flourish and stand tall.

And the result is just adorable.

The video, from TikTok user @talesofnova, has been watched four million times with more than 550,000 likes.

It begins with Nova as a tiny pup with mini ears and looking like a tiny bundle of fluff in her owner's lap.

But as it progresses, her ears start to get more and more noticeable.

By the end they're fully pricked up in true German shepherd style.

Viewers instantly fell in love with the unique puppy, with one user commenting: “Oh my goodness, what a gorgeous happy fluff ball! "Beautiful little pup, please give her a treat for me and a little nose boop.”

Another commenter wrote: “Sir, this is not a German shepherd, this is clearly stracciatella ice cream.”

A third added: “Awwww hahaha went from border collie ears to German shepherd ears! AMAZING! Such a beautiful colour as well.”

Nova isn’t the only German shepherd to have gone viral on TikTok of late, with the breed proving popular with users.

Cleo the German shepherd recently attracted attention after she was caught on camera greeting her golden retriever friend in a rather feline manner.

The amusing clip showed Cleo crouching to avoid being spotted by her furry friend, all the while slowly creeping closer and closer.

Once she got close enough, her friend finally spotted her and the chase was on as both dogs set off running after each other.

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