German magazine Die Queen frontpage highlighted in awkward translation blunder

A German magazine has caught the eye of mourning Brits as its front page featured a picture of the recently deceased Queen along with the words 'Die Queen'.

Outraged Royal Family fans may want to pause for a moment though, as the at-first horrifying break of good manners is actually a translation blunder.

A now viral post to Twitter showcased German magazine Der Spiegel in all its glory, with a tribute to Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, featured on the front cover of their latest edition.

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Concerned royalists were left rather shocked at the bold font and huge lettering of "Die Queen", though, in a massive misunderstanding.

One account tweeting an image of the magazine jokingly said: "A bit insensitive from the Germans…"

As one user explained of the mishap, "Die" in German actually translates to "the", meaning the at-first horrifying headline is just a statement of "The Queen".

But it does appear to have tricked out a few accounts on Twitter, including one German who didn't seem to get the joke.

They wrote: "And what exactly is insensitive- to have a biography out to her 90th birthday? Sorry but I’m confused at what exactly you’re trying to get at."

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One user attempted to explain the blunder, writing: "'Die Queen' as in 'be dead', not the meaning it has in German."

The initially confused German Twitter user replied: "Guess I'm too German for that to click" followed by a series of facepalm emojis.

A further explanation of the "Die Queen" headline relied on a GIF from The Simpsons, which showed Sideshow Bob with a tattoo that read "Die Bart, Die".

The humorous joke provides the animated character explaining his tattoo actually reads "The, Bart, The", rather than the initial, more gruesome first meaning levelled at Der Spiegel.

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