Furious Macron loses it after Opposition parties almost oust him

Emmanuel Macron arrives in London ahead of Queen's funeral

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Emmanuel Macron exploded into a furious rant against two Opposition parties that rallied behind a no-confidence vote in the French President. Despite their political differences, the two main political forces in the French Parliament joined forces in a major coup attempt to kick Mr Macron’s cabinet out of power. However, the wide-range coalition fell short of the 289 votes required to oust Mr Macron’s Government.

Speaking on the set of French TV broadcast France 2, the French President asked: “But what was it that came down to 50 votes?”

France 2’s host Caroline Roux said: “The no-confidence vote.”

Mr Macron took aim at the far-left leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon, saying: “I heard the triumphalist statements of Mr Mélenchon: ‘Within 50 votes, we were there’.”

“But who is this ‘we’?” Mr Macron said.

Two major political forces in Parliament rallied behind the no-confidence motion tabled by Jean Luc Mélenchon’s leftist NUPES coalition, with Marine Le Pen’s far-right National Rally joining forces in an unprecedented move.

A furious Mr Macron slammed the attempted coup, suggesting voters could leave the leftist parties because of its alliance with the far-right.

He said: “Do you think that our compatriots who voted for a socialist or ecologist MPs, they asked them to carry a majority with MPs from the National Rally? 

“And they asked him to table a no-confidence vote which was deliberately amended by this baroque coalition of the NUPES.”

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France 2’s news anchor Caroline Roux then asked: “What makes you angry?”

A raging Mr Macron replied: “What makes me angry is their cynicism and disorder. That’s what happened.

“They proved one thing: they don’t have a majority. 

“But above all, they proved that they were ready – socialists, ecologists, communists and LFI – to join forces with the National Rally.”

The French President suggested the attempted coup showed all the parties involved are not “on the side of the French people” as Parliament should instead focus on the Russia-Ukraine war and the cost of living crisis.

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Mr Macron added: “They have shown one thing: they are not on the side of merit, order, work, solution, or progress. They are on the side of disorder and cynicism.”

Since the French President lost his absolute majority in Parliament, three factions – the left-green alliance NUPES, the far-right National Rally and the Republican Party – have opposed almost all of Mr Macron’s legislation, making the French leader a lame-duck President. 

Mr Macron’s cabinet has since been cornered into deploying article 49.3 – the equivalent of an executive order which allows him to override Parliament to pass budgetary legislation – three times in a single week to force different parts of his budget through Parliament. 

Opposition parties have so far failed to rally behind one no-confidence motion, with the Republican Party refusing to back a far-left or a far-right sponsored motion.

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