Funny moment ducks run out into the snow but quickly turn back as it’s too cold

A hilarious video has emerged of ducks taking their first dip in the snow – only to quickly change their mind and rush back inside.

Melissa Hoffman, owner of SHO Farm in Vermont, the US, shared a throwback clip taken last year to share how the rescue animals embraced the chilly weather in the winter.

She wrote on Facebook: "It's that time again! Winter is apparently here at Sanctuary at SHO and this 2019 video is still emblematic of how we all feel about it!"

The video, taken by duck caretaker Amelia Horn, shows a group of rescue ducks reacting to the first snow of the winter and rushing to feel the chill on their feet.

The flock of more than 20 Khaki Campbell ducks are seen joyfully scurrying out into the farm, which is covered in a thick layer of snow.

But seconds after they stand still on the soft ground, they seem to feel the freeze and quickly head back into the barn.

Some manage to take a sip of the freezing water before re-joining the group.

The video went viral with more than 8 million views with the likes of children's author Dick King-Smith sharing it on Twitter over the weekend.

He wrote: "Please enjoy these ducks changing their minds."

Viewers commented that they can relate to the ducks' reaction, with one saying: "I love how they're like, 'Awww, HELL no!'"

Another wrote: "I loved how they all stopped, had a lil meeting and collectively decided 'nope'."

Some tried to spot the first duck to lead the group back into the barn.

Melissa explained in a post that they had adopted a flock of 116 Khaki Campbell ducks from an organic rice farmer in Vergennes in 2016.

She added that the animals would swarm to the call: "Duck! Duck! Duck!"

The SHO farm runs as a duck sanctuary to establish food systems for wildlife in need of assistance.

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