French bulldog breeder in awe as puppy born green – I thought it was dirty

A dog owner said he was left stunned when his French bulldog gave birth to a rare, bright green puppy.

Mark Ruffin, of Big Rajah Bullies, was "blown away" after the mum gave birth to two puppies early in his home.

The pooch was meant to have a C-section but had miraculously welcomed the two additions by herself.

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She gave birth to another but it sadly passed away. Mark rushed her to the hospital where she later welcomed further additions.

At first, the business owner assumed the emerald puppy was dirty, but as days went by her colour failed to fade.

He said: "When I first saw the dog I thought it was dirty because that's what the doctor said, she didn't even know what it was.

"I got home and cleaned it about four times that night and I let the mother clean it and it never went away."

Mark said the "whole situation was strange" and he is thinking about calling the green pooch Chloe.

It has been reported that the rare colouring is thought to take place when light-shaded puppies come into contact with biliverdin – a green pigment detected in bile.

Earlier this year, bulldog Freya had a staggering litter of eight with one of the pups also making a green debut.

Owner Audra Mosher said on Facebook at the time: "Our lil green puppy apparently is a rare thing to see.

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"I wish the colour would stay it would be really cool!"

Her partner Trever told Global News: "We started to dry her off and noticed she was green and immediately again thought there was something wrong.

"So we googled it, 'my puppy is green, what's wrong,' and apparently it is very rare and it has happened a few times all over the world.

"I'm kind of amazed, really. As rare as it seems to be, I feel very lucky to have witnessed it and be a part of it."

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