France chaos: Port blockades threat as workers revolt against Macron

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Logistics UK tweeted: “Threat of a French national strike.” The latest threat of blockades at Channel ports comes after the French CGT union confirmed that action would commence from this Thursday. The CGT, General Confederation of Labour, and other French unions are coordinating a general strike.

A spokesperson for CGT said: “The CGT, FSU, Solidaires, UNEF, UNL, MNL, and FIDL are proposing action that will occur in workplaces across regions on 4 February.

“All sectors will converge for a general strike across the country.”

A source told The Loadster: “Dependent on length and uptake, a strike could take days to unravel.

“It coincides with weekend driving restrictions for vehicles over 7.5 tonnes.”

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“Once details are announced, we will review the routes into Europe and see if we can avoid French ports.

“Traditionally, general strike action in France targets ports and road infrastructure to create maximum disruption and highlight their ‘cause’.

“Just when we thought it could not get worse, with the border and European overland transport situation, we have another potential another blow for UK traders with the EU.”

The unions said this action is in response to the French government’s “disastrous government decisions” concerning the coronavirus pandemic response.

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The union maintains that French stimulus packages to bolster the economy are “tax cuts for the rich”.

The CGT union stated: “The stimulus package in no way plans to break with policies of job cuts, pressure on wages and working conditions and weakening social protection.

“It also plunges a large part of the population, and in particular the youth, in precariousness and poverty.

“On the other hand, the winners are always the same.

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“The companies least affected by the crisis will be those which will benefit the most from the tax cuts.”

French port authorities have yet to respond to the threat that blockades could affect transit at ports from this Thursday.

A spokesperson for Logistics UK speaking to The Loadstar said the details will “become clearer as the day progresses”.

But any action by the unions could involve port blockades and this will affect supplies of food, medicines, and other products to the UK.

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