Five lions ‘escape enclosure’ at Sydney zoo

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Five lions at a zoo in Sydney escaped their enclosure on Wednesday morning causing “code one” alert with staff urged to retreat to “safe havens”, a news report has claimed. According to the reports, the incident occurred at the famous Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia, at around 7.30 am local time after a construction worker made the discovery.

Local news site,, reported that “police and staff were seen inside the lion enclosure inspecting a boundary fence facing the water’s edge in Mosman”.

Reports state: “Authorities were called to the zoo at 7.10am before the alert was issued 20 minutes later.”

The incident was confirmed by the authorities at Taronga Zoo.

They stated that the incident happened at 8.49am local time.

It said an emergency situation occurred and five lions were spotted outside their enclosure.

The statement read: “All persons on site were moved to safe zones and there are no injuries to guests or staff.”

According to Sydney Morning Herald, the animals were successfully returned to their space before 9am local time.

The attraction said the park will reopen as normal.

The statement further read: “All animals are now in their exhibit where they are being closely monitored.

“The Zoo will be open as normal today. Further details will be provided when possible.”

Calling into 2GB’s Ben Fordham Live radio show, a relative of a zoo construction worker said staff were placed in lockdown.

“He (the construction worker) put a message out that there are four lions on the loose,” a relative of the worker told Fordham.

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The news website further stated that there are a total of two adult lions and five lion cubs at Taronga Zoo.

In August, five cubs were welcome in the zoo for the first time in 18 years.

The lion enclosure is located in the African Savannah portion of the zoo, which also houses giraffes, zebras, meerkats and fennec foxes.

NSW Police have since confirmed that the lions have been recaptured, reports 9News.

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