Father left shaken after double encounter with car fleeing police

A man has recounted the terrifying moment he saw a car come “hooning” around a corner on the wrong side of the road towards his vehicle.

The West Harbour resident, who doesn’t want to be named, said he was driving home from work about 1.40pm on Wednesday when he was confronted by a car coming towards him on the wrong side of Trigg Rd in Whenuapai.

“I saw him, right there. He almost brushed my car, I saw his face. I had to swerve into the ditch.”

The man said he was about 100m away from a corner when the car came around.

“You know on a blind corner and someone is coming at you, you sort of freeze. You think ‘what the hell’s going on?'”

He went home, shaken and “emotional” after the surreal incident.

People have taken to social media to share similar experiences.

One person wrote that their husband almost had a “head-on” with a car racing down Don Buck Rd, while another person said they saw police cars blasting up and down Don Buck Rd.

“So dangerous for innocent people just going about their business,” a Facebook user wrote.

A man was taken into custody earlier today, after allegedly driving at speed, often on the wrong side of the road while fleeing police.

Inspector Peter Raynes said police were alerted to reports of a person trying to steal a car at the Westgate Shopping Centre shortly before 1.30pm.

Police tried to stop the allegedly stolen vehicle on Royal Rd in Massey.

“The driver has failed to stop for police and has fled,” Raynes said.

Raynes said the vehicle continued to drive dangerously, often driving on the wrong side of the road, on footpaths and at speed, putting pedestrians and other motorists at risk.

Tyre deflation devices were used, slowing the vehicle down. Police then followed at a distance.

The car was blocked in by ground staff on Universal Drive and the alleged offender was apprehended without incident about 3.06pm.

“He was swiftly taken into custody and will face a number of serious charges.”

No one was injured, Raynes said, but police have since confirmed at least two police vehicles and two further vehicles belonging to members of the public were damaged.

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