Facebook bans sale of protected Amazon rainforest land on its Marketplace

Facebook has announced that it is cracking down on the sale of land in the Amazon rainforest on its platforms.

Earlier this year it was revealed that people were illegally selling land in the Amazon rainforest on Facebook Marketplace, some of which belonged to indigenous tribes.

Protected plots of land as large as 1,000 football pitches were being flogged on the social network’s classified ads service.

As a result, Facebook released a blog post on Friday that said: “Today, we are announcing measures to curb attempts to sell land in ecological conservation areas within the Amazon rainforest on Facebook (FB) Marketplace.”

The company added that it will update its commerce policies to “explicitly prohibit” the sale or purchase of land on its platforms – including Instagram and WhatsApp – that is earmarked for ecological conservation, CNN reports.

Facebook said it will check listings against an “authoritative database of protected areas” from the United Nations (UN) Environment Programme to confirm whether or not they violate this new policy.

The social media giant said: "We are announcing this today and enforcement will now begin to ramp up.

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"Over time, we will observe how this process works and make improvements as appropriate.

This news comes following a difficult week for Facebook, which saw a massive outage of its services – including Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp – over the course of several hours, along with whistleblower, Frances Haugen’s testimony before the US Senate about the harms caused by the social media company, such as the misinformation revolving around the US Capitol riots.

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