Face mask fine to rise to £3,200 in fear of ‘young Brits fuelling second wave’

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Brits could be fined up to £3,200 for not wearing face coverings in a bid to prevent a second wave of coronavirus.

This comes as ministers fear young Brits could fuel a second wave if stricter measures are not taken.

Along with the hike for face masks, those found organising illegal raves will also be issued a £10,000 fine.

Ministers are becoming increasingly worried about young people flouting rules, as studies show they are the least affected by the deadly bug.

It is feared that by flouting social distancing and mask rules they are likely to place elderly at risk, according to The Sun.

The new rules will see repeat offenders being hit with the hefty fine – those found without a face mask will be issued a £100 fine which will double each time they break the rules.

This goes up to a maximum of £3,200.

It’s now compulsory to wear face masks in shops, supermarkets, banks and many other workplaces due to coronavirus.

Some drivers will also be issued with a fine if caught without a mask.

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For those who drive for a living that can be a problem as driving with fogged-up glasses, fiddling with your mask or trying to clean your glasses while on the move could all carry a £1,000 fine.

If police believe they’re distracting you from paying attention to the road they can slap you with the fine.

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However, if you have a limited list of disabilities you will be allowed to forgo the rules.

Big name retailers like Sainsbury's and Costa coffee already say they will not approach and confront shoppers for failing to comply due to hidden disabilities.

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