Explosion rips house wide open after blast that ‘felt like an earthquake’

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Devastating pictures taken at the scene of a house explosion show the building blasted wide open following a fire.

Firefighters were called to the property in Illingworth just before 7.30am after residents hearing and feeling an explosion in the area.

Three people were rescued from the house and treated at the scene before being rushed to hospital for further treatment.

According to reports, the house was then "flattened in seconds," as a blaze ripped through the property.

One said the explosion felt like and "earthquake".

Pictures taken of the wreckage show the house completely collapsed in under what is now charred remains.

Rubble was also strewn everywhere, with large chunks of debris flung across the road and into the adjacent house's garden.

Other pictures show the roaring fire and orange hue that could be seen from afar.

A large police and fire presence could be seen in the area as of midday on Saturday December 5.

Firefighters could even be seen discussing plans to control the wreckage of the fire as they work to allow people back into their homes.

  • Illingworth explosion: Three people rushed to hospital after house blast sparks blaze

On Twitter, West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service said: "Crews are currently dealing with an incident at Green Lane, Illingworth.

"They're working with @WestYorksPolice @YorksAmbulance @Calderdale and utility companies to deal with an explosion at a house.

"Three people have been treated and transported to hospital.

"All other persons accounted for.

"The incident was initially attended by crews from Fairweather Green, Halifax and Odsal with specialist units from Cleckheaton and Dewsbury.

"Crews are dealing with any remaining pockets of fire which are being extinguished should they appear."

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