Evil child killers cash for corpses deal with chilling evidence promise

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This month marks the 10th anniversary of serial killer Clifford Robert Olson's death.

No-one will mourn him.

The sick paedo killer murdered at least 11 children, but is most famous for the extraordinary 'cash for corpses' deal he struck with cops.

Olsen, from Canada, told the authorities he would take them to his victims' remains, and plead guilty to killing them, if his wife got $10,000 for each body he led them to. They agreed.

He took them to 11 murder sites for $100,000 and said the 11th was "a freebie."

The fact Olson became a killer should have surprised no one.

From childhood he was a habitual criminal, chalking up nearly 100 convictions – from armed robbery to buggery and gross indecency.

He was rarely out of jail – apart from when he was escaping, which he did seven times.

Both in, and out of jail, he was also a police informant, grassing up inmates who talked about their crimes.

In prison he was stabbed seven times after identifying couriers bringing drugs into prison. He also gave police enough information to get another inmate jailed for life after he had boasted of raping, mutilating and strangling a nine-year-old girl.

Then, from January 1980 until August 1981, his crimes things took a murderous turn for the worse.

Teenagers kept disappearing in Vancouver but with the area divided between separate police forces, and with no computers, no one took much notice, presuming the kids had run away.

When the missing total hit double digits, detectives knew something was up.

The fact was for more than a year Olson had been preying on teens. He was a prime suspect and put under police surveillance but this was soon stopped. It was the wrong decision.

He would meet the teens at video parlours, on the street and even advertise casual jobs on the bulletin board of the church which he and his wife attended. He would meet them, drug them with a spiked soft drink, then rape and murder them.

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His first victim was 12. She was stabbed and strangled to death.

A 13-year-old girl was next.

A boy, 15, disappeared while at the mall. His beaten body was found less than two weeks later.

Soon after Olson picked up a 16-year-old hitchhiker and killed her in nearby woods.

A girl, 13, was next to vanish, disappearing en route to see a friend.

In July 1981, Olson went on a frenzy of killing with six murders.

A boy, nine, was snatched while riding his bike to a friend’s home.

A girl 14, was plied with drink and drugs and slain.

A 15 year old boy, met Olson for some work. He was brutally beaten and his body dumped in a remote camp ground.

A teenager 14, was visiting Canada from Germany. She did not make it back alive.

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A girl, 15, was strangled and dumped on a river bank.

His final victim, a girl, 17, was murdered and dumped in a shallow grave.

Olsen would engage in sadistic experiments on his victims. He drove a three-inch spike into one child's head, another he injected with an air embolism.

Finally, on August 12, Olson was arrested for attempting to pick up two hitchhikers.

The problem was police had only four bodies and little evidence against him.

That was when Olson come up with his extraordinary deal.

How would confess, for cash, and made a chilling promise.

During a taped interview he declared: "I'll give you 11 bodies for $100,00 and you will get statements with the bodies. I will give you all the evidence, the things only the killer would know."

Worrying he could soon be back on the streets if they didn't do the deal, cops agreed. Olson then called his wife Joan and said: "Honey, you're going to be rich."

Olson then took officers on a bizarre tour of the killing and burial sites, providing a commentary of each killing along the way.

He also handed over mementoes he had kept from his victims.

When news of the deal eventually broke a scandal erupted and numerous people lost their jobs. The police tried, and failed to recover the cash.

Olson later claimed to have murdered as many as 30 others, but could never prove it.

He died in prison from cancer.

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