EU coronavirus crisis: Trucks with vital supplies stuck in traffic jams, warns EU chief

Ursula von der Leyen admitted lorried carrying essential goods and medical supplies are stuck in traffic jams which are lasting longer than 24 hours. The President of the EU Commission released a video on her Twitter addressing the problem as she desperately tries to solve it. Ms von der Leyen noted a queue between the Slovenian-Croatian border has already been resolved.

Ms von der Leyen said: “Some of these measures have stopped people at the borders. At certain borders, we have dozens of kilometres of traffic jams and more than 24 hours of waiting time.

“Many European citizens are still unable to travel back home and trucks carrying medicine, essential and perishable goods such as food, are blocked.

“It is important to solve this now, right at the beginning of the crisis and that’s why I follow the situation closely including thanks to satellite images.

“I’ve had several talks national Governments addressing this topic and there are already some good developments.

“Last weekend we had a huge traffic jam on the Slovenian-Croatian border.

“Now traffic is much more fluid there. People are now able to reach their homes and the lorries stranded in Slovenia could continue to their destination.

“This is a good example of how neighbouring countries can find pragmatic solutions.”

She added there are 20km (12-mile) queues on the border between Romania and Hungary.

It comes as the European Union faces being killed off by eurosceptics if the bloc fails to convince citizens it can respond to the coronavirus crisis, the Italian prime minister has warned.

Giuseppe Conte said nationalist politicians across the continent would soon grow in popularity as voters turn their back on Brussels – unless there is a robust and unified response to the global pandemic.

Italy became the deadliest centre by the viral outbreak after its death toll surpassed China, according to figures released by the Italian Civil Protection Agency.

Deaths in the country reached 3,405 as the total number of cases in Italy rose to 41,035 on Thursday, which included some 5,322 new cases.


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The current number of deaths in China stands at 3,242, according to the World Health Organisation.

With the bloc’s third-largest economy at risk of a complete collapse, Mr Conte called for a united approach.

“Europe must show unity and solidarity, there is no alternative to this,” he told the Financial Times.

“If Europe fails, I fear it will fade away in the conscious of our fellow citizens, giving space to the worst nationalistic instincts. This is a different virus that we need to defeat now.”

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