Epstein victim had to ‘massage nipples while he pleasured himself on island

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A woman who worked as a massage therapist on Jeffrey Epstein’s so-called paedophile island has revealed the sickening tasks she was given after claiming to have been recruited by Ghislaine Maxwell.

Jeffrey Epstein died in prison after being arrested for sex trafficking minors, and his associate Ghislaine Maxwell was recently sentenced to 20 years in prison for a litany of crimes committed during her relationship with the billionaire.

Many of these alleged acts took place on Epstein’s island in the Caribbean, Little St James, which housed a lavish mansion, situated next to golden beaches and containing luxuries like swimming pools and tennis courts.

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Now, shocking testimony from a former masseuse on the island in a new Channel 4 documentary, Ghislaine Maxwell: The Making of a Monster, has revealed how the pair preyed on vulnerable young women.

Gretchen Rhodes now works as a musician, but during the height of Epstein’s crimes, she had been working as a massage therapist.

Gretchen told the documentary how she had been recruited to work for Ghislaine Maxwell she had pestered her on multiple occasions to come to the island.

“My feelings were saying stay away, just go about what you’re doing, but my brain was telling me, ‘look at this person, she’s very well coiffed, she’s put herself together very well, she’s very well mannered she’s articulate, why would you not want to go along with what she’s asking you to do?’,” she recalled.

So, when Gretchen finally agreed to work on the island, she remembered feeling excited and even privileged at the prospect of being a part of a luxurious celebrity lifestyle.

Initially, the massage therapist was booked for Ghislaine alone, but after being appropriately vetted, the time soon came when she was allowed to massage Epstein.

“Miss Maxwell walked me down to his room for the first time and again explained, ‘whatever happens during the massage, you keep to yourself’,” she said.

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Despite her nerves, Gretchen recalled that the first occasion went by without any traumatic events, but as she grew closer to the tycoon, he took her to New York to help her pursue her dream of being a singer, and the massage therapist claimed that she was exploited on the island shortly after this trip.

“I was made to give Jeffrey a massage where I had to massage his nipples while he masturbated. I was just taken aback like, ‘what the f*** is happening right now?’ I wasn’t looking at his face, I was looking beyond him, trying to separate myself or take myself out of my body,” she explained.

“That was my payment for having been taken to New York and given these opportunities. It was such a high and then such a low.

“It was a constant rollercoaster, and I have asked myself over the last 20 years why I didn’t just jump off the rollercoaster. I don’t even know if I have an answer.”


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