Elle Brooke divides fans with red and blue lingerie – asking Manchester is…

Instagram adult star Elle Brooke has stirred debate among her adoring fans with a divisive football question.

On Instagram she posed in a series of racy pics wearing nothing but red and blue lingerie and holding a banana, asking "Manchester is…"?

Elle was clearly asking fans whether they were blue or red, Manchester City or Manchester United, as everyone knows she is Man City mad.

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The OnlyFans star and die-hard Man City fan regularly poses in for snaps in the light blue football shirt.

Users were quick to chime in, with hundreds of comments from people, some adamant Manchester was "blue" and others insisting it was "red".

One user quipped: "Is usually wet and freezing, but how we love it so"

The picture, showing Elle posing rather suggestively with a banana, delighted her 500,000 followers.

Always candid on her social media, she recently revealed she once threw up her veggie McDonald's wrap and banana milkshake all over her boyfriend while the pair were getting down and dirty.

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Speaking on The Blue Tick Show, she admitted: “I was vegetarian at the time and I had eaten a veggie wrap from McDonald's and a banana milkshake and I threw it all up over this guy.

“I remember it still being f***ing cold and this guy was just lay there and he was staring at it. There was chunder everywhere.”

Meanwhile, her recent foray into boxing shows no sings of slowing down, after she revealed earlier this week that one of her toenails had come off from training so hard in the ring.

Sharing pictures online, she described her toe as "looking like a thumb" and "disgusting."

The model had been due to fight fellow OnlyFans star Astrid Wett in the summer, but Astrid pulled out after a press conference which saw Elle rock up with a mock coffin with Astrid's name on it.

The stunt did not go down well with Astrid, who shortly after announced she was pulling out of the hotly anticipated fight, describing Elle as having gone "too far."

Brooke though looks to be stepping up her training for a future fight, and recently revealed her bulging muscles to her dedicated fan base leading her to be dubbed "Brock Lesnar" – the ripped WWE champ.


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