Dying bride weds love of her life at SeaWorld after cancer dismissed as wart

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A young woman who has been given days to live after she was told the bump on her leg was in fact cancer has married the love of her life in an emotional ceremony at SeaWorld.

Ashleigh Simrajh, 23, wed Jason Hale in a ceremony in front of friends and family on the Gold Coast, Australia.

She was surrounded by her favourite animals at SeaWorld and enjoyed the incredible day despite her terminal condition.

The 23-year-old first noticed a bump on her leg back in 2018 but didn't think much of it after doctors told her it was a harmless wart.

In 2019 doctors then diagnosed her with melanoma that has now spread across her body.

Ashleigh was told last month she had just a few weeks live and decided to head to SeaWorld and wed Jason in a once in a lifetime ceremony.

Her dad Tony Simmo said the family feel "betrayed" by medical professionals who misdiagnosed his daughter.

Mr Simmo told Mail Online: "She now has lung cancer, liver cancer, cancer in her chest and only days to live.

"Let down is not how I would describe it. I would describe it as we have been betrayed as she trusted the medical professionals.

"She believed them and continued her life as if nothing was wrong.

"If it had been diagnosed when she first went to see them she wouldn't be where she is now."

Ashleigh's family have now started a GoFundMe page to make the last days of her life more comfortable and as enjoyable as possible.

She now has a dedicated stay at home nurse and the family hope to fulfil her wish to make sure she "remains at home surrounded by the people who love her".

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On the page, Mr Simmo wrote: "Ashleigh does not want to go back into hospital and we as a family are going to make sure that she remains at home surrounded by the people who love her,” her dad wrote.

"Ashleigh is still fighting so hard and she is still defying what the doctors have told her.

"Again this morning we got told to brace for the worst as she only had a few hours left which devastated us all, but she has rallied and is looking good again at the moment.”

"Our Ashleigh is a fighter and is fighting as hard as she can to stay here with us."

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