Drug dealer executed taxi driver after saying Ill come and get you in row

A drug dealer shot and killed a taxi driver in cold blood after a fight over a broken wing mirror the night before.

Ricardo Linton, 46, killed Mohammed Basharat, 33, in what was described as a “targeted execution” after the two men had been involved in a road rage fight in Bradford.

On October 19 2001, the two men had been involved in a brawl, with Basharat seemingly coming out on top, the Independent reports.

As he left the scene, Linton was heard saying “I’ll come back and get you”.

The next day, the 46-year-old walked into the cabbie’s office in Bradford’s Park Lane, wearing a balaclava and carrying a gun.

He shot the father-of-four twice in the head and turned the weapon towards another driver, who only escaped due to a malfunction with the gun.

Linton remained on the run for two years, until he was arrested in Jamaica in 2003 for the murder of Jose Rosa in New York, 10 years prior, in 1993.

He was convicted of murder and jailed by a US court for 25 years to life, back in 2005, before being extradited to the UK last year.

The ex-cocaine dealer has now been jailed in the UK for more than 30 years for the murder of Basharat, and will not be eligible for parole until he is 77, by which time he will have spent a total of 50 years in prison.

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Mr Justice Lavender in sentencing said: “He (Rosa) was killed by a gunman as he sat in a car with friends who approached the car and shot him without saying a word and shot him in the head while he lay on the floor.

"That was you who executed him, and you did it again in this case (Basharat) in the same way.

“You ended his life and brought life-long misery to his family. The pain will stay with them forever."

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