Donald Trumps new book brutally mocked as Instagram photo dump

Donald Trump takes lead in hypothetical election poll

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‘Our Journey Together’ is a book of more than 300 photos taken during the president’s one term in office. It is scheduled for release early next month.

The book is priced at  £172 [$230] for a signed copy or £57 [$74.99] for the regular edition, according to The Independent.

Mr Trump’s new book will be published by Winning Team Publishing, co-founded by Donald Trump Jr and Sergio Gor.

Mr Gor worked for Mr Trump’s re-election campaign in 2020.

Mr Kimmel described the book as “an Instagram photo dump”.

Donald Trump Jr “claims that his dad picked every single photo and wrote all the captions himself — which is exactly how my son’s preschool teacher describes his projects to his mother,” Mr Kimmel jokingly said on his show.

The former president is marketing the book as a perfect Christmas present for his followers.

Mr Trump said the book “chronicles the greatness of the last four years with powerful images unlike anything else that has been published.”

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Mr Kimmel wasn’t the only one who mocked the book.

Numerous Twitter users made fun of the former president’s choice of a picture book rather than traditional writing for his first post-presidential offering.

Illinois congressman and Trump impeachment-supporter Adam Kinzinger tweeted: “Only $75 dollars for a book of pictures.”

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