Donald Trump pushes for school reopenings despite ALARMING coronavirus figures

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The devastating number of cases are followed by Brazil and India. Currently, the global tally of coronavirus infections stands at more than 20 million.

Of that sky-rocketing figure, over 733,000 people have died of COVID-19-related complications.

But health officials claim the figures could be much higher than the total published by Johns Hopkins University.

Testing constraints and asymptomatic patients mean that the estimation of an exact number is practically impossible.

Since coronavirus emerged last year, ten million cases were reported within six months, but the number of infections has doubled in just six weeks afterward.

In April, the number of infections steadied thanks to the imposition of lockdowns.

But the figures only surged again as countries began to ease their lockdown restrictions.

The seven-day average for new daily infections has remained above a quarter of a million for the past two weeks.

The surge was led in large part by Latin America, the Caribbean and Asia.

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Death rates are mainly higher in South America, with Brazil’s case tally surpassing three million.

Brazil has recorded more than 100,000 deaths, the second highest death toll after the United States’.

The US has become the most affected country by the pandemic with a total of over five million infections and a death toll surpassing 163,000, about a fifth of the worldwide register.

In the United States the rise in cases has stabilised in some states, but surged in others.

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Daily infection figures are surging in four states, levelling off in another 23 and decreasing in the remaining 23.

But the number of deaths is surging in 19 states, according to analysis by The New York Times.

Yesterday, India recorded almost 54,000 new infections, taking its total close to 2.3 million.

But India’s claimed fatality rate of 2 percent is far lower than the one in the US and Brazil.

The figures come after, on Monday, US President Donald Trump said that Scott Atlas, a healthcare policy expert at the conservative Hoover Institution at Stanford University, “will be working with us on the coronavirus”, adding that Atlas “has many great ideas”.

The expert seems to share Mr Trump’s beliefs on the pandemic after the President publicly criticised both of his top coronavirus officials, Deborah Birx and Anthony Fauci, over their concerns regarding the risk of reopening schools.

In June, Mr Atlas labelled the idea not to reopen schools after the summer holidays as “hysteria” and “ludicrous”.

The new White House official has also endorsed the idea of resuming college American football.

Speaking to Fox News earlier this week, Mr Atlas said: “The environment of college sports is very sophisticated, it is controlled, there is accountability. The athletes couldn’t get a better and safer environment.”

“Young people that age, without a co-morbidity, have virtually a zero risk from this. The risk is less than seasonal influenza.

“There is such fear in the community, and unfortunately it’s been propagated by people doing sloppy thinking and sensationalistic media reporting.”

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