Donald Trump hints at 2024 Presidential run during NY police visit – Youll be happy!

Donald Trump asked whether he will run for President in 2024

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Former US President Trump visited a New York police department on the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attack. While speaking to officers, Mr Trump began taking questions. One officer asked whether he would be running again for President to which Trump admitted he couldn’t answer specifically – but that the questioner would be happy with his intention.

He replied: “Oh, that is a tough question.

“Actually, for me, that is an easy question, I know what I’m going to do.

“We are not meant to be talking about it yet.

“We have to live with it but I can say you are going to be happy.”

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Earlier this week, Mr Trump gave further hints regarding the 2024 election. 

While he did not disclose any major details, her told Fox News viewers how they too will be “very happy” with what he has to say in the weeks ahead.

His comments come as he tore into President Joe Biden, claiming the serving president had overseen a string of leadership failures. Mr Trump says America deserves better leadership and went on to brutally attack social media platforms such as Twitter for banning him from their website.

Mr Trump was asked by Fox News host Greg Gutfeld whether he will consider running in 2024 to become President for a second term.

Donald Trump reveals when he will make presidential bid decision

A confident Mr Trump replied: “I love our country, I think you’ll be very happy!”

And in a stinging takedown of President Biden, Mr Trump added how “two or three years ago” Americans might not be happy at the prospect of Mr Trump winning a second term.

But he stressed that has now changed “especially when you see what is happening” in the US. 

Less than nine months into his presidency, Joe Biden is struggling to boost his popularity.

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After starting his first term with a healthy approval rating above 50 percent, the president appears to have fallen out of favour among voters.

According to the latest research by pollsters Five Thirty Eight, 49.1 percent of Americans surveyed disapprove of Mr Biden.

While 45 percent said they approved of him.

The number who disapprove of the President has leapt since February.

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