Dogs found living in sewers too scared to leave after kids threw rocks at them

A woman has been praised for rescuing two abandoned dogs after she found them living in sewer pipes.

The rescuer, identified as Ms Jang, spotted the two golden retrievers hiding by a roadside ditch and realised that they were trapped with no food and water.

Video shared on Douyin, a Chinese equivalent of TikTok, shows the two canines looking for food around the sewers, which is about two metres below the road surface.

Ms Jang says she visited the dogs regularly and brought them chicken broth and kibble every day for more than two weeks.

But the hungry pooches would only come out from the sewer after she had dropped the food.

A woman working nearby told Ms Jang: "There were two boys hurling stones at the dogs earlier and one of them was hit in the head.

"The dogs became fearful of strangers since then and always hid in the pipes."

Ms Jang later called for animal rescue to help save the golden retrievers.

In the video, volunteers are seen setting up a metal shaft above the sewer. They lure the dogs out with food and drop the shaft as soon as they emerge.

The team place the pair in the kennels before sending them to a veterinary clinic for a check up.

Ms Jang weeps in joyful tears as she thanks the team, adding: "I haven't been sleeping well for the last two weeks. I was so worried about the golden retrievers but now I know they are in safe hands."

The dogs appeared to have suffered minor malnutrition but were otherwise in good health.

Volunteers sent the animals to the shelter where a family later adopted the pair.

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    Ms Jang's rescue effort has touched viewers' hearts as many thanked her for saving the dogs.

    One wrote: "Ms Jang you're an angel. Thanks for taking care the two golden retrievers!"

    Another commented: "This is truly heartwarming, I wish to adopt these flurry babies."

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