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King Charles’ Coronation is estimated to cost a staggering £100million – but should the monarch fund the momentous occasion himself?

The historic event comes as households across the UK struggle with cost-of-living pressures, including soaring energy prices and high inflation, and some critics have questioned whether the cost of such an event is appropriate.

The substantial sum was estimated by the Operation Golden Orb committee, who are planning the Coronation which falls on Saturday, May 6.

As it's a state event, the UK government will be paying for the Coronation, meaning it will essentially be funded by the taxpayer.

However, Charles apparently wants the publicly-funded ceremony to be a marker of his mission to create a more financially viable royal family, according to insiders.

Cabinet Office minister Oliver Dowden has said that the King and the government are "mindful of ensuring that there is value for the taxpayer," when it comes to the Coronation.

It is believed the monarch has requested a shorter event than the late Queen's, and will have a smaller guest list.

But despite attempts to scale down the event, critics have slammed the eye-watering projected costs.

Graham Smith, chief executive of the political organisation Republic, has claimed that the Coronation is "completely unnecessary" and "constitutionally nor legally required" given that the monarch has already officially ascended the throne.

It isn't actually necessary for the monarch to be crowned to become King, as was the case with Edward VIII – Charles automatically became King the moment his late mother died.

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