Disabled German shepherd mastering walking down stairs leaves viewers bawling

A disabled German shepherd born with a neurological condition has mastered walking down the stairs in a tear-jerking viral clip.

Timber was diagnosed with cerebellar hypoplasia – a condition affecting her coordination and balance, often known as ‘wobbly dog syndrome’.

The puppy, born in February this year, manages to get upstairs okay, but would struggle to make it back down due to more eccentric muscles being used.

Her owner, who adopts and fosters animals with disabilities, shared her amazing progress in the last few months as she learned to use the stairs in their Canadian home.

The first clip, shared on theirTikTok account @timberandkona , saw Timber practically fall down the stairs in August.

By September, the dog got off to a much more confident start at the top of the steps, but lost her balance half way down.

Over the weekend, her owner shared a clip of Timber now, as she carefully placed one exaggerated paw in front of the other, using the wall for support – and made it all the way down the stairs without taking a tumble.

Viewers adored the clip, feeling proud for the nearly one-year-old dog as she overcame her disability in the sweet video.

One wrote: “She learned how to adapt using the wall for stability – so smart.”

“Over here bawling because I’m so proud of a dog I don’t even know,” added another.

A third said: “Dogs are capable of more than we give them credit for.”

Timber was adopted by her family in August, from a rescue in California after her first owners gave her up.

She was set to be euthanised due to her condition, but her foster owner worked with a rescue centre that saved her from being put to sleep just in time.

Her owner said: “After initially seeing her in a TikTok, we sat down and wrote a letter to her foster mom, letting her know how we knew she was meant to be ours. It wasn't long after that that Timber was on her way to Seattle, Great Falls and finally, Canada.”

Timber lives with a retriever called Kona, who is an amputee, as well as a blind cat called George, and Kitters, the family’s second cat.

Another German Shepherd recently hit the headlines after it was reported he'll look like a puppy forever due to a rare dwarf condition.

The four-year-old dog, called Ranger, will only grow up to a third of the size of his littermates due to a condition called pituitary dwarfism.

Dwarfism is more prevalent in German shepherds, basset hounds and corgis and can shorten a dog’s life to only three years.

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