Desperate Putin conscripts Russian mothers for suicide missions on frontline

Vladimir Putin has been advised to send mothers to the front line as his war in Ukraine continues to go awry – and the besieged nation is reportedly preparing to deliver a crushing blow to Russia.

Putin has already enlisted prisoners, pensioners, disabled people, children and even a dead person to fight on the front lines according to reports from Russia – and the conscripts are reportedly being sent on a suicide mission, reporting receiving little to no training and being sent to fight ahead of experienced soldiers.

Under usual Russian rules, the only women sent to the front line are likely to be medics – but Putin has clearly made an exception now that his war has continued to go South.

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One mother was left fuming after her visually impaired daughter, who has had a kidney transplant, was summoned to fight for Putin.

“A summons was delivered to our St Petersburg address for my daughter Avital,” complained her Marina Pisarenko.

This comes following news that Ukraine is preparing yet another counter-offensive which is set to embarrass the Russian despot even more as Kyiv's "path to victory is assured".

John Spencer, chairman of urban warfare studies at the Modern War Institute at West Point, the military academy in New York, told The Hill: "Strategically, operationally, and tactically, [the counter-offensive will] send a signal that Russia can’t hold ground in Ukraine, and the path to victory for Ukraine is pretty much assured.

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"The timeline’s still in question, but the path to victory is pretty assured."

The mobilisation of 300,000 conscripts – which now reportedly includes mothers and underage fighters – came last month after Ukraine began making way to reclaim regions such as Kharkiv.

In response, Putin delivered a damning speech last month (September 21) in which he vowed to use "any means necessary" to maintain the "integrity" of Russia.

Since then he has significantly ramped up his efforts, annexing four regions of Ukraine illegally and, just this week, imposing martial law in the occupied regions.

And one captured Russian troop recently spoke out about the conscription, claiming that new recruits were being treated as "cannon fodder" while experienced troops were allowed to hold back.

The former prisoner, one of 400 who was called up to fight, said: "We are being used as cannon fodder. Our commander sent us forward, at first we were walking alongside [the experienced soldiers], but when we looked back, they were very far behind.

"Usual cannon fodder: They wanted us to scout their positions, to see who’s where… We’re like cannon fodder…"

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