Deported OnlyFans babe says mistake got her detained for 30 hours in hellhole

An OnlyFans model has revealed the mistake she made that allegedly saw her detained for 30 hours before being deported.

Aussie Mikaela Testa, 23, said she had her US visa "revoked" after landing in Los Angeles from Perth.

Earlier this week she took to Instagram to reveal she had been booted out of the US and sent back home on a flight to Sydney.

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She wrote: "I’ve just been locked in the US border force room for over 30 hours with no phone and had my visa revoked.

"They’ve just deported me back to Australia and I can’t enter the US."

Yesterday (Thursday, April 13) Mikaela posted a video to TikTok, where she has 2.3million followers, explaining more about the alleged ordeal.

"I flew 20 hours from Perth to LA and as soon as I got there I was detained," she said. "I just had that sinking feeling in my stomach that I’m in trouble."

Mikaela explained she was quizzed about her friends in the US, with border control asking who they were, how they made money and if they were involved in anything illegal.

Then they started going through her phone, she claimed.

Mikaela said: "When you’re detained, you have no rights. They can seize your devices forever, they can go through them, they can download anything off your phone.

"At this point it's just been hours of going through my phone, and she pulled me over and said: 'You do OnlyFans, right? That’s not on your ESTA.'

"I did my ESTA years ago, I wrote my employment down as self-employed because in Australia, pretty sure any OF people write ‘self employed’. Anyway, I’m from a different country, things are so different to the US.

"She asked me again, she said: 'Have you ever collaborated with anyone from the US.'

"I say, 'no, ma'am', and go and sit back down. 10 minutes later she pulls me over and says I just lied to her face."

Mikaela said that the border control officer then showed photos from Twitter of her naked with girls from the US. However, the photo wasn't taken in the US.

"I just said to her ‘ma’am, I thought you meant had I collaborated with anyone in the US, on the US soil," she said. "Not with US girls in a different country."

At this point the OnlyFans star said she was moved to a room that resembled something out of a "war movie", before being put on a plane back to Australia.

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