Denver’s latest snow on record fell 73 years ago today — June 12, 1847

On Wednesday morning, the temperature plunged down to a chilly 41 degrees in Denver, making it the city’s coldest June temperature in seven years.

But at least it didn’t snow.

Seventy-three years ago Friday, Denver had its latest snowfall on record. While it was far from the tree branch-busting snows common in March and April, a trace of snow fell on June 11 and 12 of 1947.

While the mercury never quite dropped to freezing during the snow event, temperatures did drop to 33 degrees on the 12th, making it just cold enough that a two-day soaking rain event briefly flipped over to a few wet snowflakes.

In perhaps typical Denver style, four days after the snow fell, the temperature rocketed back up to 88 degrees on June 16, 1947.

The snow officially measured as a “trace,” meaning snowflakes were recorded flying from the sky, but they didn’t stick to the ground.

Denver’s latest measurable snowfall on record came on June 2, 1951, when 0.3 inches of snow fell. That’s all according to the official climatological records of the National Weather Service office in Boulder.

It has only snowed in June (trace or measurable snowfall) in Denver six times, the most recent of which came in 1974. Fortunately, none appears to be the forecast.

And if you’re looking ahead, Denver’s earliest snowfall on record came on Sept. 3, 1961. That should give us a solid 10 weeks without having to use a snow shovel.

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