Cruise ship crashes as captain makes five-word announcement to passengers

A P&O cruise packed full of British people has crashed into an oil tanker, leaving passengers “in tears” as they fear for their own lives.

The cruise ship snapped its moorings off the coast of Palma in Mallorca after ferocious gale-force winds “suddenly hit” the Britannia, sending it hurtling into the tanker in the Belarics, according to passengers on board the ship.

The huge £473m ship is understood to be anchored less than a mile from the shore following the accident.

Passengers were told to assemble at emergency points as they were warned “This is not a drill” by the captain. 

The instruction came after a loud bang was heard and debris was seen floating in the water. One woman, aboard the ship with her partner and two children, told WalesOnline: “We have now been told we’re allowed to leave our cabins but we can’t do anything on the ship and all the crew are in their life jackets and doing all of their emergency things. The side of the boat is battered.”


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