Creep with Pornhub casting car sticker terrifies woman by following her home

A woman claims that she was followed at 1am by a vehicle with a "Pornhub casting car" sticker on it.

The unnamed woman said the Silver Audi TT blocked her path on the road, not letting her past as she was on the way to work.

The driver "flashed his lights continually," leaving the woman shook up.

She said: "Just to make others aware I was on my way to work and a Silver Audi TT with a Pornhub sticker on the back window attempted to block the road and wouldn’t allow me to pass when he kept stopping in the middle of the road.

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“He did this all the way from Tesco Express all the way to the long road up to Sainsbury’s.

"Eventually stopped – I managed to pass and he was then flashing his lights continuously. It really shook me up as it was so early and there was no one around.

"Just to make other girls aware who may be walking the streets or driving in the early hours."

The woman posted on social media after the incident in Armthorpe near Doncaster in South Yorkshire.

“It was worrying that he had a sticker that said Pornhub casting car. All very weird. It’s really shaken me up. I’m dreading driving to work that way now," she added.

A spokesperson for the adult streaming service said the vehicle has "nothing to do with Pornhub."

The full statement read: "The vehicle does not belong to Pornhub, and has absolutely nothing to do with Pornhub.

"Pornhub does not have casting cars, and we are investigating who may be behind this."

Porn Hub has issued a statement after cars featuring their logo turned up outside homes in upmarket Ilkley, Yorkshire in October.

The bright pink cars had signs on the rear window stating 'Porn Hub Casting Car'.

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