Coronavirus UK death toll soars to 1,019 as 260 die in 24 hours

The number of people who have succumbed to coronavirus in the UK has risen to 1,019, up 260 from Friday’s figure.

The Department of Health and Social Care confirmed a further 260 have been killed by the virus, with 17,089 testing positive.

Health officials in Wales said at least 4 more people have died from coronavirus in the country, bringing Wales' death toll to 38.

The Scottish Government announced a further 7 people in Scotland died overnight, taking the total there to 40.

Northern Ireland's Public Health Agency said a further two people with Covid-19 died of the virus, taking the country's death toll to 15.

The shocking figures come just a day after Prime Minister Boris Johnson took to Instagram and told Brits he had tested positive for coronavirus.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock also tested positive for the disease, and a representative confirmed he is following government advice and self-isolating from home.

It has been a week since the Prime Minister shut all pubs, clubs and restaurants and urged people to stay home to save lives and protect the NHS.

He told Brits on Monday “the time had come” for stricter measures and ordered all citizens to stay home unless absolutely necessary.

Under the measures, Johnson said Brits are only permitted to leave their homes for daily exercise, to seek medical care or shop for essential items.

But Brits could soon be under stricter social distancing measures to stop the spread within three weeks, the Daily Mail reports.

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Measures could be introduced just before Easter as the outbreak reaches its peak to further reduce "person-to-person" interactions outside homes.

A senior government advisor suggested the death toll would continue to rise for at least four weeks.

He said hospitals "should be OK" but admitted "we can't guarantee it" and stressed some intensive care units may struggle to cope with demand.

If Brits adhere to social-distancing measures, the advisor said the number of deaths should go down but stressed there would be "greater enforcement" of the protocols.

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The adviser added: "I expect death numbers to increase over two, three or four weeks, and then to gradually decrease."

It is unclear what the new measures may be, but other governments, like France, announced individuals could only exercise alone for an hour within 1km of their homes.

Spain and Italy have banned outside exercise all together, and citizens need a letter to go outside.

Both countries have also shut down air space, preventing people from travelling in or out of the country.

The UK hasn’t implemented such measures, but calls for airports to close were prompted by the death of a Heathrow worker who died of the disease within 24 hours.

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