Coronavirus testing fears: Soldier writhes in gruesome video exposing invasive procedure

Coronavirus has impacted countries around the world and resulted in many being struck down with the deadly disease. The World Health Organisation has insisted the best way to combat the virus is to test as many individuals as possible. For many countries, this has meant testing their most key workers: medical workers, essential workers and members of the military.


A video shared by MarcherLord1 highlighted the invasive nature of the testing procedure.

In the footage, a nurse can be seen sticking a large cotton bud down a soldier’s nasal passage.

She continues to push until the bud reaches the back of his throat to take a test sample.

The man can be seen grimacing in discomfort during the process.

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The soldier then began convulsing as the cotton bod pusheD deeper before the nurse yanked out the test sample.

The video footage has been viewed by 4.5 million people and is believed to have first been posted on Twitter by user Klara Sjoberg.

Many viewers admitted their shock and disgust at the procedure and insisted they would avoid it at all costs.

One scared social media user wrote: “The antibody test is a blood test thank goodness.

“No way am I having the procedure in the video.

“Poking high into nasal passages can cause damage to the nerve and leave incurable severe pain.”

Another Twitter user added that shock videos may be a successful way of ensuring individuals take lockdown measures seriously.

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He said: “This and a video of someone on a ventilator in an ICU needs to be shown to everyone not taking lockdown seriously.”

A commentator claimed they had the procedure and noted it was as painful a procedure as it looked.

They wrote: I’ve had it, that looked very amateur or not right.

“But it is exactly what they do, swan right in, feels like it is going in your brain.

“Quite uncomfortable, mine was done by a lovely young Japanese nurse here in Tokyo.”

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