Coronavirus confusion as Ryanair still flying to lockdown zones despite EU ban

A fuming holidaymaker has hit out at budget airline Ryanair for not cancelling his flight to the Canary Islands, despite Spain being on coronavirus lockdown.

The retired man in his 60s was due to fly out for a romantic getaway with his girlfriend from Stansted to Fuerteventura on Friday.

Despite the Foreign Office advising against foreign non essential travel and Spain and the Canary Islands being on a ‘state of emergency’ lockdown, the former hack reports “Ryanair just invited us to check in online today [Wednesday], for Friday.”

He said: “My girlfriend and I are due to fly out to the Canary Islands on Friday for holiday, and have been expecting Ryanair to cancel.

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“They haven’t. So why are they still flying to Spain, which is in lockdown and a state of emergency? The Foreign Office is advising Brits not to go to the Canaries.”

There are countless reports of stranded Brits abroad after the Spanish government told people to stay at home and for all non essential shops, along with bars and cafes to close for two weeks.

The strict restrictions are being enforced by police in Spain, with other reports of Britsh people deterred to soak up some sun being escorted off beaches and manhandled out of pools.

Yet it’s claimed Ryanair isn’t doing enough to keep customers in the loop.

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The source said: “We’re not going, and want to rebook but Ryanair isn’t answering any of its contact phones, and the website is impossible to use.

"What's baffling is why the flight hasn’t been cancelled.

“Our Government, and the Spanish government, don't want people to travel, yet Ryanair seems to think it'll be OK. You try to get through to them, and the option is either engaged, or they keep you hanging on interminably.

“I know there's a huge demand for information, and it's chaos for the aviation industry, but customers deserve better than this.”

Like thousands of others this British couple have had their Easter getaway plans well and truly scuppered. They now face trying to find somewhere else to spend a few days as the coronavirus crisis deepens and many businesses are being forced to close.

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He said: “We’d realised the holiday probably wasn't going ahead, and wanted to rebook a later date, but can't even get through to Ryanair to do that.

“We're disappointed about the holiday, of course, and now it looks as if we'll just have a few days somewhere in the Uk instead.”

Ryanair were contacted for comment, but did not respond.

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