Coronavirus: Bear Grylls unveils 100 activities so kids can enjoy ‘the great indoors’

Bear Grylls is encouraging children in isolation because of the coronavirus pandemic to try new activities and develop new skills.

Scouts have made more than 100 free activities, games and craft ideas available on their website – keeping young people busy as they while away time at home.

Grylls, who is chief scout, hopes the activities will help children channel their “huge energy in a positive way”, with schools across the UK shutting their doors indefinitely as of Friday.

Each of the activities offered by the Scouts has its own goal, such as improving communication skills or problem-solving.

The resources are accompanied by “how to” sessions on Facebook Live where Scout ambassadors such as Steve Backshall and Helen Glover teach the activities.

Grylls said: “Without a plan, a week stuck at home for a family can be as tough as a week in the mountains.

“Whether you’re climbing Everest, or just trying to make it through to bedtime, a little planning and positive spirit will make all the difference.”

Grylls said the activities involved “something for everyone” – warding off cabin fever.

“They’ll help families stay busy, focused and cheerful,” he said.

“It’s not often you’ll find me talking about the great indoors – but this is the exception. Try them out, look after each other, and most of all, make this challenging time a safe and positive time – it’s all state of mind.”

The collection, dubbed The Great Indoors, is suitable for one or two children but can be adapted for three or more.

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