Cops in Russian republic kill three people over viral sex video

Cops in a Russian republic have killed three people because they appeared in a viral group sex video, local reports say.

Police thugs in Chechnya, an area tightly controlled by evil Vladimir Putin, were reportedly fuming at the widely-circulated footage showing two men and two women.

The four people involved in the tape disappeared from capital city Grozny in mid-April after law enforcement were ordered to detain them.

One of the women involved was released as she is not a Chechen, but Radio Free Europe received a tip off from a police officer that the remaining three had been killed and buried in a cemetery in the village of Dyshne-Vedeno.

Locals in the area confirmed there were three fresh graves in the district, all unmarked.

But officials have denied the accusations, despite the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for Chechnya refusing to give details on the victims’ disappearance.

Brutal leader Ramzan Kadyrov – a lieutenant general in the Russian military – is known for presiding over a reign of terror in Chechnya.

His country has tortured members of the LGBT community to try and find other gay people, who human rights groups say they have then murdered.

The warlord even insisted that Putin was “going soft” on cities in Ukraine.

Kadyrov said the Russian army should use overwhelming firepower to increase the brutality of the invasion of Ukraine and implement the Kremlin’s dictatorship over the eastern European country.

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The cruel leader’s chilling message said: "We need to start the second stage and enter other cities – Kharkiv, Kyiv, Kherson, all cities, entirely, and install governance.

“As a warrior, I ask the leadership of the state to take this decision….the sooner the better.

“We are ready to execute any task you give us, anywhere in the world, without question.”

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