Colorado doctor shares tips to help with allergy season

It’s the return of allergies in Colorado and it’s shaping up to be an active season this spring after a winter that brought lots of snow across the state. Denver7’s Jason Gruenauer spoke with Dr. Mark Montana, Medical Director at CareNow Urgent Care and shared what allergy sufferers are seeing and offered treatment tips to help ease the sneezing and watery eyes.

Jason Gruenauer, Denver7: Dr. Mark, I got to ask you, what is the latest on this year’s allergy season?

Dr. Mark Montana, Medical Director CareNow Urgent Care: That’s a really good question, Jason. And I think this year is going to be a very active allergy season, we had such a great winter with all the snow and moisture. And all that moisture means a good spring and growing season. We’re already starting to see that. So we’re seeing quite a few of our patients who are complaining of allergy symptoms. Right now, as we move into spring.

Jason Gruenauer: An interesting kind of correlation there – between the amount of snow that we get and then the amount of allergy symptoms we may get. Are we thinking that this is going to be a greater than normal allergy season for those of us that kind of have to suffer through it?

Dr. Mark Montana: Well, I would say yes, that’s what I’m expecting just based on what I’m seeing. And again, the fact that we had a lot of moisture to really see those plants as they were hibernating over the winter, and now they’re coming out.

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